BCS 462 Boil issue

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BCS 462 Boil issue

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Ok, well I had a little misshap with my equiptment and had a small eletrical fire.. with the help of some overnight parts from Amazon I got my panel mostly fixed and was running a test batch when I ran into an issue...

When I boil I use a condender lid. Because of this I set my set temp at 210 vs 212 so that I dont have a massive boil over... now when I get to the set temp it just keeps going full throttle. Which is a problem.. I can see on my laptop screen that that its pulsing but the light on my panel is solid so its getting full signal all the time...I found when I turned it off and back on it would start to pulse for a couple of mintues but then its back to full throttle. Like its getting stuck... I have my BCS in a seperate case outside of the main electrical panel and its connected through a LAN cable and my RIMs and Fermenters are working fine.. which has me thinking its not the BCS, but the other components are new so I cannot imagine they are bad...

Figured it was worth a shot to see if anyone has any idea whats going on.


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