BCS 462 initial setup problems

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BCS 462 initial setup problems

Post by colinbeers » Thu Dec 01, 2016 2:07 am

Hi Guys,
We have a small 1bbl brewery based in the UK. We recently bought a BCS 462 controller from embedded control systems. We have this set up and working to control 4 fermenting vessels for both heating and cooling currently. The cooler is in a passive loop, where the chiller and pump are continuously running, but when required by a tank, a relay switches a 24v dc circuit to operate 2*24v solenoids, allowing a flow and return of glycol to and from a jacket on the tank. When heating is required, the controller switches another two 24v solenoids on a hot loop, allowing hot (warm) water to enter and return from the jacket. We run the hot tank element and pump continuously. The controller is set-up under the hysteresis function for hot and cold. The problem with this is that we would like the controller to switch the hot water pump off when not required by the tanks, otherwise it runs continuously into a dead head. We also have a seperate an on/off for our brew house(HLT) hot tank, so that we can turn it on from home, prior to starting a brew.
We want to run at least six vessels with hot/cold and two with cold only. We also want to find a solution to automatically switch the hot loop pump off when not required. Will this system accommodate this? Can we expand this system further. Ultimately it would be nice to expand to more fermenters.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

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Re: BCS 462 initial setup problems

Post by oakbarn » Thu Dec 01, 2016 5:40 am

Have you looked at Ladder Logic? You could have the pump turned on only when a valve is on. Put the cable in one of the contact slots and the pump in the coil slot. Connect with straight lines and the pump will turn on when the valve is on

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Re: BCS 462 initial setup problems

Post by JonW » Thu Dec 01, 2016 8:52 am

Below is a ladder logic example like oakbarn mentioned.

For my example:
Out1 = Ferm 1 recirc valve
Out2 = Ferm 2 recirc valve
Out5 = Glycol chiller
Out9 = Glycol bath recirc valve
Out10 = Glycol pump

The first ladder logic section shown means that when Out5 is on, then turn on Out9 (bath recirc). This is because I want the glycol to recirc back into the reservoir stir the glycol whenever the chiller is operating.

The second ladder logic section shown means that when any of Out1, Out2 or Out9 are on, then turn on Out10 (pump).

In my process(es), I only temp control the valves for the fermenters and the pump handles itself via ladder logic.

In the OP's original issue, you can do this not only for your pump, but for your heater as well. Turn the heater on/off based on the valves.
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