Bad temp input?

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Bad temp input?

Post by bcrawfo2 » Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:56 am

I have a 462 and it appears that I have a bad temperature input. Temp1 shows zero. All attempts to troubleshoot have the zero value follow temp1 and not my temp sensor. Is this common? It's a bummer cause I use all my temp sensors. Guessing the manufacturer doesn't have any nice trade-ins?

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Re: Bad temp input?

Post by oakbarn » Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:42 pm

If you tired a different sensor on Temp 1 and it read Zero, then the likely issue is wiring. I personally use a Ground "attached to the BCS GND" and a Sensor wire to the Temp. I also limit my joins. I have a 18/2 shielded pair for each probe. I know this is overkill but I had issues with the Cat 5 wire I had before. Do as short a connection between your Probe and Temp . If you have not tried a different probe, then do that. If the issue follows the Probe, then it is the Probe. If you put a different Probe on Temp 1 and it is Zero, check the wiring. The Probe will read "0" if disconnected.

You can also switch Temp 1 and Temp 2 Wiring at the BCS. If Temp 1 is still bad, then it could be the BCS:


1. Change the Probe: If a Good Probe is on Temp 1 and Temp 1 =0, then Either wiring (most likely) or Temp 1 is bad.

2: If a good Probe and Wiring works on Temp 2, move the Temp 2 wire to Temp 1 on the BCS and Temp 1 to Temp 2:

If Temp 1= 0: Bad BCS Temp 1

If Temp 2 =0, then the Wiring is Bad.

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