Float Switch Controlling Output

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Re: Float Switch Controlling Output

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Why do you care about REG2? I would just use the value of DIN1. The float switch must be floating to have the heating elements on.
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Re: Float Switch Controlling Output

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I think then they would be on all the time (when the float switch is floating) no matter what.
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Re: Float Switch Controlling Output

Post by TrickyDick »

One idea.

I have float valves on my HLT/HERMS 3v/2e system.

There is a low and high float valve on my HLT.

The low valve is wired to the SSR I believe within control panel and when float is down, the INPUT to the SSR is disabled. This kills output to the heat element without the need for the BCS to be involved at all. The upper valve is for feedback for the auto-fill valve (automated HLT filling is very convenient). My floats fit through a 1.5TC port on the bottom and top of my kettles. Took a while to find ones that fit. I think they are the NO (normally open) type unless the fluid floats them up, closing the circuit.

You can wire the float valve in series with the SSR input, which will disable the SSR output without the need to have a high voltage float valve circuit on output side which would be dumb anyway.

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