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Open API Issue

Post by clifwlkr » Tue Dec 07, 2010 9:47 am

I am in the process of creating a flash based library for the BCS. I've posted some pics over on homebrew talk ( ... ol-210164/ ), but am in the process of auto programming the device for a new mash temp and time ( Just enter the temp and time and it adjusts all of the steps in the states for you ). I have run into a small snag with it, that I can get around, but it means a bit more work.

When using the http get command to retrieve the state, I am using a higher level HTTPService command. I have no way of specifying the order of the arguments. It appears that the BCS completely ignores the parameter specification and just pulls the arguments in order. So if I send the request as:


I get the correct data for proc 0, state 4

If I, however, send the request as:


I get the data for proc 4, state 0

I know that the docs have the exact url, but it doesn't really match the http specs for a get. I can get around by manually encoding the params into the url rather than using the HTTPService params function, as it does not allow specifying an order, but it did confuse the heck out of me for a bit as I was getting back data, not an error, and it didn't match up with what I was requesting. It might be something you either want to specifically document, or fix in a future version of the software.

Otherwise things are going great so far on my flash work. I will share more when I get a few more things working.


Jim Olsen

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