BCS 4.0 Public Beta 3

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Re: BCS 4.0 Public Beta 3

Post by JonW » Tue Sep 22, 2015 7:53 pm

Joe - Was the BCS the only thing plugged into your DSL gateway? Sounds like it was which is why it assigns the device your external IP. You would probably be well served to pick up a real router and put the NVG589 into bridge mode and use the new router for all configuration. I do this with my DSL at work and it is so much easier/better. The NVG589 will become transparent and all NAT functionality will occur on the "real" router.

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Re: BCS 4.0 Public Beta 3

Post by jayw » Thu Sep 24, 2015 9:24 am

Was the BCS the only thing plugged into your DSL gateway?
No, it was not, I have 3 PC's, a Tablet, 2 Range Extenders, an old 2600n HP printer networked,and 3 Security Cameras (can only see cameras when on network, never from iPhone when off network and have never gotten DVD to work with cameras after NVG Gateway was installed, even after 4 hours of ATT tech on site and countless calls to tech support trying to make them work).

NVG is worthless junk.

I'm taking your suggestion and bridging another router behind the NVG. I purchased a D-Link DIR-655/ER router, hopefully with the extend range of this router I can remove the WN3000RP Extenders I now have in the network.

I'll see if I can get the new router setup this weekend. Maybe even get my Security Cameras to work on my network. They did work on my old 2Wire U-Verse gateway.

Thanks for your replies and help with my problems.
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