Events based on time?

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Events based on time?

Post by gidi-up » Sun Jul 05, 2015 5:24 pm

Just wondering if there were plans to have a Process to be triggered based on Date/time?

So now that the DIN bug is logged :) , the next thought is to say all is good and the HTL is full and ready and I am going to start my Brew Day @ 06:00 on Saturday the 5th, so I would like the 'HTL to Temp' process to run/trigger say @ 04:00 , so start the Process the day(s) before but nothing happens until 04:00 on that day/date.

Now I know you can do a count down timer but every time I want to do this I would have to recalculate the the difference between now and 04:00 on that day, I know not difficult but not too efficient.

Now thinking in the Process have a "Start Time", then on process start a simple query to a NTP server, calculate the date/time dif based on your TZ and start a count down timer, just a thought as not sure if the BCS has room for a running Date/Time process, then all that DST and other stuff to ruin your day..



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Re: Events based on time?

Post by oakbarn » Sun Jul 05, 2015 7:02 pm

That would be a nice function. I am always trying to calculate the delay I need to start at a certain time. My first State is a Delay Timer that exits to heating my Strike at about 2 am. I have to calculate every time as I do not always start the Process at the same time. They could get the system date/time which is the date of the computer you are using. Since your control that date on your own computer, it could calculate from "now" for the Countdown to the desired date and time.

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