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Recipe Utility look

Post by oakbarn » Sat Dec 03, 2016 9:57 am

It would be nice is the Variables were a little more compact and more fit on a page. There is a lot of white space. Nothing Critical but I started playing with it in earnest. I revamped my Processes and made them more applicable to using the variables. I had no idea how it could be such a time saver. I brew the same beers repeatedly and still plan to use restored backups as the main way to change my Brew Day Profile, but when making a new beer, this is super. I did change my Processes so I could do a Stepped Mash and add a 3rd Hop addition during the boil. I do not have any beers yet to do that, but the 5 p’s are in play.
I have attached two pixs. First one is the way it is. Second is dreamsheet. No scrolling and I could get 16 variables with my screen resolution.
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