Dynamic Setpoint for Fermentation Cooling

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Dynamic Setpoint for Fermentation Cooling

Post by elburro » Mon Oct 22, 2018 9:15 am

I found a workaround for the time being, but it would be really great if there was a way to assign a dynamic setpoint to a controller for purposes of cooling during fermentation.

Something like a hysteresis setpoint or an exit condition which be based on another temp probe value plus or minus an offset. This could work for a glycol bath or a freezer. Basically if the freezer or glycol bath could be dynamically set to be 20F (or whatever +/- offset defined) colder than the current FV temp, it would allow you to tune the system to minimize overshoots. You would also need to be able to assign bounds to the setpoints like minimums and maximums to prevent freezing and whatnot.

So it would be like:

State: PG Chiller
Hysteresis Control - SP: [FV1 Temp - 20F] MAX SP: 50F MIN SP: 28F
Exit Condition - Exit at [FV1 Temp - 20F] OR MIN Exit: 28F (could be selectable as MAX Exit cond in case of heating)

Hope this is something doable for a future release. If i am missing something and its doable now, please do tell.



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