My version of the HMI builder

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Re: My version of the HMI builder


Thank you bbrally for all your work on the BCS!!!
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Re: My version of the HMI builder

Post by Moad »

awesome work!

I have come across a bug I think, I doubt you will have any motivation to fix it but thought I would mention it.

the negative output control doesn't seem to reflect in the animations, it also doesn't seem to work on the BCS tab of HMI after the first time you click that output
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Re: My version of the HMI builder

Post by bbrally »

You are correct that my motivation is limited, but after 9 years of not being able to brew, my brewery is running again.

Next weekend will be the first time brewing with this interface. The version I used 9 years ago looked and behaved nothing like this one. It will be good to finally use the program I wrote.

I found the bug and fixed it. Hopefully that's the only one, but feel free to let me know if you find any others. Brewing again will probably help my motivation to do something with this program if required.
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