Halloween Pumpkin Fun with a BCS 460

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Halloween Pumpkin Fun with a BCS 460

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Just for fun, I briefly re-wired my brew box (which normally controls a direct-fired {propane via 24V Honeywell valve} RIMS mash unit, aka R2-DBrew) to control my Death Star pumpkin. The Death Star is equipped with a 5 mW green laser wired into a 3V power supply that is switched at 110 line voltage by the BCS. It also controls the light inside Alderaan which illuminates briefly when it explodes. I normally have it running on a loop, but can also fire the laser with my iPhone using a web input.

Here's the YouTube video link:


Still Pic:
death star pumpkin still.PNG
death star pumpkin still.PNG (104.25 KiB) Viewed 7250 times
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