Enclosure size and motorized ball valve wiring?

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Enclosure size and motorized ball valve wiring?

Post by decoleur » Sat Jan 10, 2015 8:52 am

Getting ready to start a BCS-46x build that will use a digi16 and a 16 SPDT relay powered by a 110/220AC to 12vDC transformer to control:
2 elements w/ float switches
2 pumps
6+ automatic valves
4+ temp sensors

on a single tier 3 vessel stand.

I am not sure what the best enclosure would be to hold all this gear with the other stuff that has to be inside.

Is the typical 16x16x8 enclosure big enough or will that be a tight squeeze?
How are you wiring your motorized ball valves? hardwired or with disconnects?
Would it make sense to put a second enclosure with the digi16, relay and transformer into a second box closer to the valves on the stand and run an ethernet cable to connect the bcs-46x and the digi16 together?

What are you using? What motivated your decision?

Thanks for your input,


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