7-segment display wiring? HELP?

Discussion of the physical aspects
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Re: 7-segment display wiring? HELP?

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I wanted to provide an update to this thread.

After many months of delays on my part - I was finally able to get my system up and running in late December. Discovered that the displays were wired up wrong. The wiring schematic on the back of the unit is in the middle of the two sets of pins - confusing, as it overlays two pins on the left, seemingly indicating 'GND' and '12V' and then two on the right, indicating 'SCL' and 'SDA'. I wired according to that, instead of what I should have, being one plug on the right being GND|12V|SCL|SDA and one on the left (jumper) being the same. Doh.

I also discovered, thanks to a suggestion from Ryan at ElectricBrewingSupply, that my probe wires were wrong - I am only using two wires of 3 wire XLR connector, and I used one of the dead pins... DOH!

Once corrected, and my BCS restored from having it's bus fried, it was back to working.
I hope you other gents have gotten yours working as well.
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Re: 7-segment display wiring? HELP?

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Could u take a pix of your wiring on the back of the display?
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Re: 7-segment display wiring? HELP?

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drbenj1 wrote:To the OP, did you ever figure out what the problem was. I am having the same issue. Displays power up and cycle through and then display nothing. I have checked the wiring a hundred times and everything seems correct. 12v to power supply, ground to ground which is connected to BCS ground, 12v - and 120V AC ground. The other two wires are hooked up to the EXP0 and EXP1. Any help would be appreciated.
Just curious if anyone had the solution to this problem. I finished wiring my displays this evening and have the same issue.
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