Temperature Probe Accuracy

Discussion of the physical aspects
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Re: Temperature Probe Accuracy

Post by JonW »

There is no setting for the sampling. I don't recall the exact interval, but it is under 1 second. Have you attached an earth ground (AC ground) to the BCS ground/negative terminal? This should be done.
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Re: Temperature Probe Accuracy

Post by Sparkologist »

I wanted to order the ones with the M12 connectors but they were never in stock.
I am thinking of installing shielded cat 6 RJ 45 connectors on the end of the leads to make them more plug and play, for clean up instead of hard wiring to my controller.
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Re: Temperature Probe Accuracy

Post by brahn »

The simplified answer is that the temp probe values update every 800ms. There's no way to make this faster at this time.

There is no learning mechanism, it's simply reading the resistance through the thermistor. There is some oversampling involved to smooth the results but that is factored into the 800ms answer.
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