Wire Selection Question

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Wire Selection Question

Post by Nick » Sat Mar 12, 2016 9:08 am

Hello All,

This probably isn't the most intriguing post but I can't find this anywhere when searching.

I'm curious about wire selection for the following:
-Temperature probes: Gauge recommendation? Shielding? Wiring method? (The probes I purchased have 3 wires. I read somewhere that 2 of these wires go to the ground terminal and the other to the Temp# terminal)
-Motorized 12V, 1/2" ball valves, CR02 wiring: Is 18 gauge overkill? Do these need to be shielded? Can I get away with unshielded 18-3 thermostat wire? Any other cheap recommendation? There will be a number of these wires routed along one another so I'm curious if interference with themselves or 120v wires is off concern?
-Hot surface ignitors (typical Honeywell, 5 amp max draw): Once again, is 18 gauge - 2 conductor wire sufficient?

Thanks for any help you can provide in advance.

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