Self Latching Relay

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Re: Self Latching Relay

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JonW wrote:From the looks of it, you need a negative trigger for the latching relays. Their schematic (from the ebay link) shows V+ power and S/R inputs - which should be negative. Your drawing shows feeding 12V positive to both inputs.
Wish I could read the schematic. :oops: :oops: :mrgreen:

I wired it like this:
question_Bistable_2.png (50.01 KiB) Viewed 1910 times
The reset toggle worked fine.

Got only 2 to work with BCS control. Checked for wiring and got 3 to work (loose wire). Switched control wiring from the SSR on a working one for the bad one, and that Bistable relay now tripped. Switched wires back and changed control wiring on one Good SSR and the Bad one. SSR was not tripping. Replaced SSR and now all work.

The Bistable Relays do hold under a power loss so I can setup the Diacytel Rest in a Process so that it restarts automatically in the correct state based upon the DINs. That means I am 95% done getting the Glycol Conical working. Having an issue with the DIY Chiller and final connections for my Valves.

Thanks for the Help!!
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