7segment relay

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7segment relay

Post by jward »

Anyone have specs on the 7 segment display? Looking at the old version of BCS docs (the new Wiki docs are nice thank you very much) the PDF at the brewtroller link is corrupt. The oscsys link doesn't do to info on the display. I understand these are old links.

I ran into an interesting issue. The displays started flickering. It seems the little wall wort I was using (12v @150 ma) was struggling to power 2 displays. In fact, under load the voltage was measuring only 7v. One bit of information I am looking for is how many ma each display requires.

I have so many other things to learn. Is there an industry standard name for the I2C connector used on the board? There is a lot of beginner documentation available. If you have some favorites or some you found more relevant to components used with a BCS feel free to share.
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Re: 7segment relay

Post by JonW »

From Brewers Hardware website: "Requires 150mA with all segments lit."
https://www.brewershardware.com/BCS-7-S ... splay.html

I'm sure Derrin could give you a part number reference for the board side connector. You could also use a site like Mouser where you can search by characteristics that might allow you to zero in on the correct one.
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