Discussion relating to using BCS system in a commercial environment
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I got the bcs 460 originally for my brewing hobby, but recently purchased the new 462 for our winery. The reason for doing this is because it was much cheaper than adding on new tank controllers to our original controller cabinet. When we first started i had someone wire up all the tanks and plumb the building for the tanks... This was a mistake, i should have done it my self. The crews i had in diffident know much about what we do so alot of the configuration was crap. They also bought a bunch of AC valves that couldn't be returned after he wired tem up finding out that the panel was 24v DC.

Good thing i have the BCS now i can use all the 120vac valves!

After reading an article in a wine magazine it talked about how not many winery's are using automation unless they are really big, but this is the opposite for small brewery's.

I cant wait to start automating some of our wine-making with this!

First thing in store is to automatically turn on and sanitize our bottling line. This will cut 2 hours out of my day! Plan is to have the bcs turn on the steam generator in the morning and start sanitizing our absolute filter as well as the filler bowl and spouts for bottling. This all can happen when i am sleeping, that way at 8am when i get there the line has cooled and is ready to be hooked up to a tank to start bottling.

I don't consider my self a pro on this, but figured i share where this can be used in different areas other than brewing.

You guys know if you will ever add on any other Temp controllers to it?
I have the original controller handling 10 tanks and the bcs with 8, i could use a few more!

I have some ideas for automation with the initial processing as well, but this will come at a later date.
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