Heating Element Question

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Heating Element Question

Post by Mach79 »

This is not a question concerning the BCS itself, but a question for anyone who has used a high temp epoxy or silicone with their heating element.

Currently, we have a heating element attached to the Boil kettle using a weldless 1.5" TC Triclamp. The only problem with this set up is the small space inside the heating element/triclamp which catches hop material. When we were researching our build, I remember seeing a heating element which had either high temp silicone or epoxy filing the space. I cannot find that reference now. Can someone recommend what should be used to fill that space?

We have researched food grade high temp silicone and epoxy. Most seem as if they would work, but we want to ensure nothing will effect the taste of our product. Any and all comments welcome-thanks
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Re: Heating Element Question

Post by tommytomtom17 »

I've never thought about filling that space before. I remove mine to scrub the element after each brew. I would think
unless you make whatever you use to fill the space perfectly smooth, it would collect debris and be a pain to keep sanitary.
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