PID Question

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PID Question

Post by lukebarber » Mon Mar 06, 2017 11:43 am

So I'm getting ready to wire up my control box and have some questions. I bought two Red Lion PID controllers to control a pump for HERMS recirculation, and to control the heater in my HLT. ... on-TCU.pdf

Now I'm reading the instructions and wondering if there is anyone using a PID like this to control a pump, in PID mode? It seems to me that if you set the cycle time to something big, like the max 125 seconds, perhaps it might work. Or this might just be a bad idea and stress the motor. The motor is a Lenze. ... Motors.pdf

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Re: PID Question

Post by clearwaterbrewer » Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:56 am

quick answer, no and no...

First, the BCS has the 'basic' PID functionality for brewing with electric or gas. no need for the red lion, and there is no way to have the two inter-operate. You can go to the Red Lion csmstrgt or csmstrsx, but they are 5x+ the cost of the BCS..

Second, for that motor you need a VFD(variable frequency drive), plain PWM will just waste money and make smoke... something like a Fuji FRNF25C1S-6U will work for a 1/4hp motor...

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