General Questions: Processes and Saving Configs

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General Questions: Processes and Saving Configs

Post by ktyacke » Tue May 15, 2018 3:56 pm

Hey everyone,
I have a BCS-462, and have a few beginner questions that I'm hoping someone can shed some light on.

1) When I open up the control page and look at my processes I am shown process 0 - process 7. Is the BCS-462 limited to storing only 8 processes? What is the limitation on the number of potential processes?

2) When you edit your processes and states, it seems you are generally doing so based on the required temperatures and times for a particular recipe. When you move on to your next brew you have to go through and update everything again. Is there a standard method for storing the configs for a recipe so you can reuse them in the future without having to do all of the config updates all over again?

3) Is there any way to ease the process of setting temp points and timer durations? It sometimes feels overly complex to need to edit all the processes and states just to update these things. Wondering if there might be a more manual option where you can simply set a temp and assign it to an element, then have a timer (i.e. set boil kettle to 212 and hold it, then start a timer for 1 hour).

Thanks in advance!

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Re: General Questions: Processes and Saving Configs

Post by oakbarn » Wed May 16, 2018 1:58 pm

Once you get the hang of it, the Process Editing is fairly easy. It is also very easy to change an associated SetPoint when you are brewing. You can make a "generic" process and use the Recipe Utility.

Since a lot of my processes are almost the same for different Brews, I simply change it on brew day.

The best method I found is to write down my Steps that I do On a Brew Day. Those become my Process and States.

I Have a Strike/Mash Process where I heat my strike water then do my Mash. I have to change only Two SetPoints. I can either Set them with a Variable using the Recipe Utility, Use the Temp SetPoint Adjustment during the Brew, or use the Process Editor before I begin. Since I repeat my Brews, I also "save" a configuration and Restore it before I brew.

Generally, the ONLY FIVE things that change from brew to brew are:

Strike Setpoint
Mash Temperature
Bitter Hop Time
Flavor/Aroma Hop Time
Pitch Temperature

For me I can do this very quickly. My Processes are always a Work in Progress and I have redone them many times.

I do have the following Divisions for Processess
Strike/Mash Process
Boil Process
Hop Addition Process

States in Hop Add:
Start of Boil (and Hop Timer)
Bitter Hop Time
Flavor Hop Time
Pitch Temp

You do have to spend some time learning how to do a Process but if you write your brew steps down, it can help. Things that you do manually may or may not be a step, such as adding grain. You only have 8 Processes each with 8 States, so you could have 64 Steps as States. I find that I have plenty. You want to use the BCS to help with Temps and Times and not necessarily telling you it is time to add the extract or grain. But you do want it to tell you that it is time for a Hop Addition.

So generally, if it is Temp or Time related, you need a Step (State). I also find it easier if I use the next numeric state as my next step. That way I can see my next State on the Main Control Panel.

I know that this is difficult to grasp at first and I spent quite some time before I got the hand of it, but know I can breeze thru a new Process.

Also, Once you get your processes down to what you do, you rarely mess with them except 5 items above.

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Re: General Questions: Processes and Saving Configs

Post by ktyacke » Wed May 16, 2018 2:56 pm

Thanks as always Oakbarn!

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