using din and registers to control output

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using din and registers to control output

Post by gyropilot1 » Fri Jan 02, 2015 2:45 am

I am still reading and trying to understand ladder logic programming. Here is my problem. I have a system that runs on 4,600 watts resistor. We are going to use perhaps some propane to reduce the on time and the power consumption. But when we designed the vessels they came with 5 resistor of 5,500 watts. When we calculate, cooler, tanks, fermenter 5 resistor per tanks and 2 running at the same time. The power consumption was beyond the Building had to offer, The investment is too much. so we decide for 4,600 watts and 4 resistor per tank. This help but not much.

We can only have 6 resistor at the same time when in mash cycle. SO we have 4 on mash control by temp and time. And 2 in hlt control by temp and 2 direct Out 8 and 9. I am thinking I can cert a register when a mht res is on and if this is the case force the out to stay off. He will go on only when the MHT resistor is off. Sound easy , but not having exposure to this type of programming makes it worth. any suggestion


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