Anyone have a config file that I can look at?

Describe your system and processes, and post your config file.
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Anyone have a config file that I can look at?

Post by DerpyDerp » Wed Apr 15, 2015 8:04 am

I'm a new 462 owner and I'm upgrading my 3-keggle system from propane to electric RIMS. I have most of the parts for the control panel, but it'll likely take me weeks or months to complete it. In the meantime, I'd like to get a better understanding of how to program the BCS, but most of the detailed posts I've seen (and all of the wiki entries) pertain to pre-4.0 firmware and mention things like WIN buttons, Manual Mode and other nonexistent methods. I have my device hooked up to a breadboard with LEDs to simulate 3 heating elements and 2 pumps, but I can't try any detailed testing without having actual heat sources to test the programming and logic. I was hoping that I could take a look at one or two working 4.0 configs to get a feel for how people are using their devices in the real world.

And here's one question that I have:

I'm going to build this 3-element control panel: ... t-2014.pdf

I plan to use 4500W elements in the HLT, RIMS tube and BK, so obviously no more than 2 elements should be fired at a time on a 50A circuit. The schematic shows that it would be possible to manually turn on all 3 elements simultaneously, and that would be a bad thing. I can't imagine why I'd ever need the RIMS and BK elements on at the same time, so I was thinking about installing a selector switch to choose between RIMS/BK/AUTO(BCS), but I'm not sure how to program the BCS to avoid ever firing the RIMS and BK elements simultaneously. Is that a situation where ladder logic would come into play?

Thanks for any advice and/or configs that you're will to share with me.

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