Running 2 states at once

Describe your system and processes, and post your config file.
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Running 2 states at once

Post by Gav » Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:30 am

Very novice question but i havent been able to work it out or found anything on here so far.

How would i go about starting my boil elements while im on a sparge state in process 0?

So i want to start the boil element with the discrete input button just when the elements are covered with wort. While still sparging.

How can i do this the simplest way?

Also need to recirc 15 min before end of boil through the chiller,pump and lines while still boiling.


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Re: Running 2 states at once

Post by oakbarn » Thu Jan 18, 2018 4:19 pm

I have a Different Process for my Mash, Sparge, Boil and Hop Addition.

I do something like you are asking.

Are you Batch or Fly Sparging? I do a Batch Sparge, and have a Transfer Wort State in my Sparge Process where I take the First Run to my Brew Kettle. When I exit that, I auto start The Boil Process where heat is applied to the BK. I know it has liquid because I sent it there so I do not need a float.
My First State (State 0) in the Boil Process is "Wait for Boil".
My Next State in the Sparge Process is to add the Sparge Water to the MLT. I do use a Float in the MLT to cutoff the Sparge Water. It then waits 10 Minutes (Exit on Time) and Exist to the Transfer Sparge State. When I exit that Transfer Sparge State the Process is Killed (Stop Process on Exit). My Boil Process is still in the "Wait for Boil". Later in my Boil Process I have a Sanitize State where I recycle the Boiling Wort through my Plate Chiller and Cool side Hoses without any cooling water. I do that for the last 30 minutes of the Boil.

I find that if you write down what you do on a Brew Day and what steps you want the BCS to either do automatically or remind you to do, you can set you Processes easily. There is the limit of the 8 States and only 8 Processes, but I only use 6 for Hot side Brewing:

Process 1: Mash (Also get Strike water ready)
Process 2: Sparge
Process 3: Boil (includes Whilpooling and Rest at end of Boil)
Process 4: Hop (and Pitching)
Process 5: Clean

My Process 0 is Brew Day

Process 6 is :Water (I have some Valves and Floats where I can fill vessels and turn on a hose for different times. One where I use a Din switch to Jump to a 15 sec "Get Ready" followed by a 15 sec "Firehose" where I can hold a hose to spray stuff down. Very Handy when cleaning by myself.

Process 7 is :Second Batch in case I do a second Batch. Those States are similar to my Processes (Mash, Sparge, Boil, Hop 1, Hop 2)

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