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BCS-482 Examples

Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 1:44 pm
by jptweb64
Found this thread while searching for configuration examples for BCS-482. I've never used any BCS before and all of the examples that I can find on Google are for earlier BCS versions. There is only one example on the documentation page - simple process for a keezer. I found a demo of unit 482 which has a very (at least to me) complex system.
Are there any examples that are more typical for home brew set ups - i.e. HLT, HERMS, Mash Boil, Water Pump and Wort Pump? Sorry if I sound ignorant but I'm not a programmer. For me, a simple example that I can build from would work well. I can set up simple operations like heat to strike and hold temp but haven't found success getting an alarm to stop ringing, getting the input button to work or to get timers to work.