Safari Cache on IPhone

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Safari Cache on IPhone

Post by oakbarn »

I set up a Recipe variable on my IPhone (IOS 10.1.1). Does anyone know what happens to the cache when you do an update? I only setup only one (a mash +2) that I regularly manipulate on a brew day. Since it is only one, easy to redo but I could not find anything on the web about this, just how to clear it. It works well. As a Side note: the utility works a lot like the Temperature Setpoint Adjustment when on a live brew, except that it can change an Asserted OUT SetPoint as well as others in different States with the same variable name. Very useful as I have several states with the same variable and would like them all changed, including the "live" one.
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Re: Safari Cache on IPhone

Post by brahn »

You mean updating iOS on the phone? I would guess that your cache will persist, but I can't say for sure. Try it and let us know. :D Interesting use of the recipe utility too!
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