Iphone/Brewbuddy Access with Password Enabled

iPhone Apps created to interface with BCS Control Systems
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Iphone/Brewbuddy Access with Password Enabled

Post by CJKogut »

When I enable the password feature on my BCS-460, I can no longer get my Iphone Brewbuddy Application to connect. If password feature is disabled, it works fine. I can't figure out how or where to get my password "into the application" and get connected.

Any help here? Thanks.
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Re: Iphone/Brewbuddy Access with Password Enabled

Post by clearwaterbrewer »

The default setting of the App has the format in the third entry of the settings page, titled 'auth example'

On your home network, you will put http://admin:password@192.168.0.x
(password is either your admin or observer password)

for outside, if you shifted it to 8080 in your router, it would be
http://admin:password@ (replace with your real outside IP address)
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