Anyone Accessing BCS with Android Mini PC via USB- RJ-45 Net

Android Apps created to interface with BCS Control Systems
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Anyone Accessing BCS with Android Mini PC via USB- RJ-45 Net

Post by MaxOut » Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:32 am

I am planning on buying another BCS and dedicate it to fermentation, storage and serving chambers. I am running out of room on my current BCS-462 and could use existing heat/cool outputs, and temp inputs to add more functionality to my brewing processes. My plan is to take a 32” TV and mount it to the side of my fermentation chamber on a swing arm. I am going to mount the BCS inside the TV enclosure along with the Android MiniPC and 5V power supply. All of my chambers have temp probes and local SSR’s mounted so I will not need any SSR’s or relays inside the TV enclosure. The Android MiniPC has WiFi and Bluetooth to connect to wireless keyboard and mouse. I will connect the TV to the Android to the TV with the HDMI and the BCS directly with a USB-Network adapter and network cable.

I plan on accessing the BCS using the Chrome app on the Android. Is anyone using this configuration with the USB – RJ-45 Network adapter and how is it performing. What adapter are you using? I like this set up because it is small and will be easy to install in a small enclosure. This would be a nice plug and play configuration for someone designing custom brewing enclosures around the BCS. All you would need would be a TV with an HDMI connection and your set.

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