Din to Setpoint Temp Adjust (Up/Down)

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Din to Setpoint Temp Adjust (Up/Down)

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Having trouble figuring out how we might go about mapping a DIN that is controlled by a manual push button to change set point temperature associated with a particular temperature probe and associated output heaters. Essentially would like to have full manual push button control of BCS with the PID functionality on a particular temp/tank channel.

Only looking to do this for our Boil Kettle. We currently have a 10BBL system with 4 - 18KW heating elements and the system is essentially working fine, but the user interface is only through the web browser. Just in case I leave my Iphone at home, dont have a computer or access to a web browser, I want to be able to operate our brewery manually, like back in my home brew days when i have simple PID buttons for up and down and my hold temp process is always running and on for the BK.

I have installed the push buttons on my panel (one for setpoint temp up and one for set point temp down) I know this is essentially going backwards technology wise, but dropping my phone in a 10BBL tank is not my idea of a good day, and having electronics that run web pages in our full washdown room is difficult and expensive.

Any help would be greatful.

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Re: Din to Setpoint Temp Adjust (Up/Down)

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In 3.x, I had soft buttons on my HMI for -5, -1, +1, +5 degrees... when I went to 4.0, I had things dialed in enough that I did not bother with seeing if it was still possible.. I think you will need a windows machine running the BCStools to do this in 4.0 ..

as far as dropping the phone, I am very happy with a iPad and belkin mount in my distillery:

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