1st Brew Day- Alarm Question

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1st Brew Day- Alarm Question

Post by Mach79 » Fri Nov 09, 2018 5:47 am

At last, first successful brew day with new BCS-482 control panel. Truly amazing transition from direct-fire to electric setup.

Having a problem with the alarm function...I set a Process for Notify Mash-In. The alarm sounded. Used the Input to move to next State, but alarm continued to sound....???

Tried/modified alarm settings for other States, but never got the results desired. What is the proper or best practice for setting up alarm feature for notifying when a user input is required, such as adding grains, setting up sparge, adding hops, Boil complete, etc.

Again, this was the first brew day & what an amazing transition to electric brewing. Looking forward to next batch- soon

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Re: 1st Brew Day- Alarm Question

Post by oakbarn » Fri Nov 09, 2018 6:38 am

You have 3 choices for the Alarm:


These all occur upon Exit of a State.

The None is just that "None".

The Short Alarm sounds for just 3 seconds and then stops.

The Loop continues until you do something to silence it. You can use Ladder Logic, a Din with a Switch ( I use a Push Button LED) or Use the Computer Interface.

Generally, I use None when I am doing something manually such as Adding Grain. I use the Alexa or a DIN with a switch to jump states (again, some action that I am doing). I already know that I finished the Step. I do not need the BCS to tell me.

I use the Short for something I might want to notice, but if I do not, it does not matter.

I have a Din Connected to a Float and a State where I am automatically filling a vessel. It shuts off when the vessel is full. I use a short alarm for that because I "sorta want to know" when it is full, but it effects nothing if I miss the alarm.

The Loop Alarm is reserved for something that I Must Do. A good example is my Mash State. When My Mash Timer counts down to Zero from 90 minutes, I exit my Mash State and want to transfer the Wort. Since the BCS controls the Mash so well, I can get distracted with other things. I do want to know that that State has ended. I need to transfer the Wort. I want the BCS to tell me.

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