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New system help

Post by altered7151 » Tue Mar 19, 2019 4:16 pm

So after a LONG build, I finally have my 462 HERMS system up and running, but having a few problems I was hoping the group can help me out with. First of all is my temp readings seem to be off. I have the temp probes from Brewers Hardware, and it seems like they will be taking consistent readings but then drop in temp 6-7 degrees fairly quickly. They will come back up to what looks to be the correct temp for a few minutes, then drop, and continue that cycle. I only wired in the two wires, should I have grounded the third?

Second issue is my PID control isn't nearly tight enough for what I would like (coming off of an Auber PID controller) and realize now I need to do some PID tuning. I see there is a PID section here, but struggling to find some good guides on how to set off on my own to tune my system in. Also have a feeling the above temp probe issues are contributing to the PID control issue. Thanks in advance for the help!

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Re: New system help

Post by oakbarn » Wed Mar 20, 2019 7:03 pm

There are only two wires needed. You do need to run a ground. That ground must be tied to the BCS Ground. The BCS Ground must be tied to the AC Ground where the Wall Wart or Power to the BCS is supplied. It may be an issue with the grounding for the PID as mine are fairly. I put in a grounding Bar and tied the BCS GND to that and all of the Temp Probed to it as well. I do not share grounds except on the grounding bar. I do use single 18 awg twisted pair to run from the BCS Temps and Ground Bar to each probe.

Others have used Ethernet type wire with success. If you are getting a sine curve, it may be that your BCS Ground is not grounded to the AC Ground.

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